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Diamond Rocket Diamond Rocket

Rated 0 / 5 stars

A stolen or game that you can buy the FLA of and just re-publish with your icons doesn't require any feedback. It's a shame as I've seen this game listed now several times on different game portals. At least re-skin and make some changes.

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toxic poop toxic poop

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I seen the graphics and was like oh deary me....

Though here is my feedback:

1. The movement if fairly good, along with shooting and enemy movement.
2. The graphics could do with some work.
3. The "Play Again / Submit" should be clearer
4. Once you click submit the "Play Again" goes over the high score mochi which looks bad
5. Once the terrain starts destroying the walking down and up on it doesn't work 100% i.e I'm walking through the brown dirt instead of on top of it.

Overall it looks like you could make some good progress and I look forward to seeing your next game.

leave my cookie leave my cookie

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok so some feedback for your game. You've got a basic idea and it's close to being decent but is just falling short.

1. As it's your first published game I'd avoid the excessive ads or only have the mochi ads during the intro and not every time the game is submitted or the help is looked at.
2. Possibly work on the graphics a little bit more as it will make it look more polished and obtain a better rating.
3. As long as you keep going round and round in the same motion you don't seem to be able to die. You may want to change the way it is targeting a little bit, maybe the frog bounces around the screen instead and you just have to avoid it.
4. Instead of clicking on the cookie to move it maybe just make the cookie follow your mouse cursor this would avoid some confusion.

Good luck with your future games!

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